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Furniture Store Emerald Isle, NC

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding a piece in a furniture store in Emerald Isle, NC that not only matches your style but fits perfectly in your home.

Buying furniture is an investment and, considering that your comfort is at stake, it’s a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While there are plenty of furniture stores and online stores that will sell you a solution made of particle board or cheap fabrics, these short-term solutions have the tendency to wear out quickly and put you right back where you started.

Instead of buying flimsy furniture and finding yourself back at square one in a year or two, why not invest in a high-quality piece designed to stand the test of time? Bowden & Carr Furniture has been helping customers find well-made, beautifully designed furniture in Emerald Isle, NC for over 60 years.

We offer our customers a wide variety, from McKinley leather sofas and Capel Rugs to one of the largest La-Z-Boy furniture stores in Emerald Isle, NC. Stop in to have a look at our selection or contact us to speak to one of our experienced furniture consultants by calling 252-447-3648.


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