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Why Recliners Make Great Christmas Gifts

A recliner is truly one of the most versatile furniture gifts you can give your loved ones.

Believe it or not, men aren’t the only ones who would appreciate the gift of a comfy recliner this holiday season. A soft and cushy reclining chair may be precisely what one of your loved ones needs this winter. 

Who else would enjoy a recliner?

We’ve put together a list for you.

Pregnant women.

Even if you’ve never been pregnant yourself, you’ve probably watched a woman struggle to sit down or stand up from a deep-seated chair or couch. 

When a woman carries all that weight, sitting gracefully and comfortably can be quite the challenge. Plus, back pain is pretty much a given when it comes to pregnancy. 

But many recliners — especially lift chairs — provide the comfort and support pregnant women need to stay comfortable and mobile. 

Nursing mothers.

Honestly, a good, comfortable rocking recliner is a nursing mother’s best friend. Why? 

Well, first of all, the rocking motion is a great help. Not only does the calming movement help parents rock the child to sleep, but it’s also a pleasant de-stressor for mom and dad.

Then, of course, there is the discomfort and stress of early motherhood. A well-cushioned recliner is a perfect solution to soothe new mothers’ aches and pains.


We can’t forget those sports fans!

No matter what sport your loved one follows — football or basketball, baseball or soccer, hockey or something else —  a recliner is the classic way to enjoy a game or match.

What could be better than kicking your feet up, drinking your favorite beer, and watching your favorite team win?


Do any of your loved ones enjoy a good read? 

Recliners frankly make the very best reading chairs. They’re soft, comfortable, and let you read without straining your neck. 

Plus, there are as many recliner styles as there are reading tastes out there! You’ll be able to find a reclining chair that fits your loved one’s personality like a glove. 

Those with heavy labor jobs.

When you work your body hard all day at work, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a stiff, uncomfortable chair.

Your muscles need a break!

Whether your loved one works on a construction site or a farm, a warehouse or a manufacturing plant, they’ll love coming home to a soft, supportive recliner.

Those with muscle & joint pain.

Even if your loved one doesn’t have a labor-intensive job, muscle and joint aches just happen! 

And for many pains, a recliner can provide temporary relief. Consider the gift of a recliner for anyone with…

  • Back, shoulder, & neck pain — Muscle aches are common side effects of most day-do-day jobs, whether your loved one routinely lifts heavy objects or spends all day sitting at a computer with bad posture.
  • Pressure sores — Bad chairs can place pressure in all the wrong places. But, with a wide variety of comfort level options, recliners can provide the exact kind of support your body needs. 
  • Arthritis — People with arthritis love recliners! Why? Between the supportive padding to the ability to extend your legs, recliners offer those with joint pain a moment of relief and relaxation. Plus, many recliners come with joint-soothing heat and massage mechanisms.

Those with circulation issues.

Did you know recliners improve circulation? 

When you sit or stand too long in the same position, your blood circulation can slow and your veins can even become clogged. 

By elevating your legs, you naturally increase the blood flow throughout your body. 

Care Worker Helping Senior Woman To Get Up Out Of Chair

Those with reduced mobility.

Recliners — more specifically, Lift Chairs — are wonderful for those special people in your life who struggle getting in and out of deep-seated chairs.

And let’s be honest…the most comfortable chairs always seem to be the most difficult to get out of. 

Here are some of the specific ways a Lift Chair may help your loved one with mobility challenges:

  • It provides mobility assistance AND comfort. There’s no need to sacrifice comfortability anymore. Even the softest Lift Chairs have mechanisms that make it easy for your older loved ones to get in and out of their recliners.
  • It addresses a key mobility need. The struggle to sit and stand is one of the largest challenges senior citizens face. But many may not be quite ready to accept their declining mobility. Because Lift Chairs don’t hold the same kind of offensive stigma as mobility aids (walkers, wheelchairs, walk-in tubs, etc.), they offer the perfect way to start easing into a bigger conversation about your loved one’s troubles getting around.
  • It gives a greater sense of independence. For many of our older loved ones, independence is truly the greatest gift we can give them. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but nobody wants to ask for assistance every time they need to get out of a chair. With a Lift Chair, your loved one can stand up on their own and retain some of their independence.

Have a loved one who’d appreciate the comfort and hidden benefits of a recliner?

At Bowden & Carr, we offer a wide range of recliners, from rockers and high-leg recliners to power recliners and lift chairs. Scope out our selection online or stop by our Havelock, NC store.