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How to Choose a Lift Chair

The older we and our loved ones get, the harder it becomes to do certain tasks. Walking, driving, and even getting up and down from a chair can become difficult in our later years. Fortunately, lift chairs are a great way to help you or your loved one get up and down with ease.

Not only are lift chairs ergonomically designed to support your body where it needs it, but they’re also equipped with small, electric motors that help move the chair into a variety of positions. This can help anyone with mobility issues get up and down easily and safely, and cut down on the risk of a fall or injury occurring.

If you’re considering purchasing a lift chair, check out these tips to keep in mind.


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Pinnacle Lift Chair


1. Focus on size and fit.

Lift chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to try out at least a few different models to make sure you end up with a chair that fits your body. A lift chair that is too large or too small will not be able to support you properly and may cause musculoskeletal pain or even make it harder to get up and down. In addition to making sure your chair fits your body, you also need to pay attention to the chair’s dimensions to make sure it will fit in the designated space in your home.

2. Think about how many positions you’ll need.

Countless types of lift chairs exist, and each has its own variety of positions and settings. Some chairs come with two or three preset positions while others feature infinite position options. To choose what’s best for you, consider which angles you may want to recline at. For example, a two-position chair can only recline to 45 degrees, whereas a three-position chair can go as far back as 90 degrees.

3. Consider advanced features and options.

Lift chairs these days don’t just recline, they can also come with a variety of different features designed to make your experience easier and more comfortable. There are lift chairs out there with heated and/or vibrating seats to soothe sore muscles. Some chairs come with cupholders and side pockets for additional storage. Some companies even make lift chairs with built-in massagers to help you achieve the ultimate in relaxation.

The best way to find the perfect lift chair for you is to visit Bowden & Carr and try some out for yourself. We carry a variety of Ultra Comfort Power Lift Chairs and La-Z-Boy Power Lift Chairs. Stop into our Havelock, NC showroom today or give us a call if you have any questions about lift chairs at 252-447-3648.