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Why You Should Buy New Furniture Instead of Used

Buying secondhand furniture is a process that can be time-consuming and frustrating. To find what you want or need, you’ll most likely have to visit countless thrift stores or secondhand furniture shops and, even then, you may not run across exactly what you’re looking for.

Instead of spending your valuable time searching for a piece of used furniture that might still not offer exactly what you want, why not invest in a new piece that matches your style? Aside from saving time, here are a few other reasons to consider purchasing new furniture for your home:

1. You’re not compromising on quality.

When you buy secondhand furniture, you’re just as likely to purchase something of poor quality as you are to luck into something high quality. If you purchase something new, you don’t have to play this furniture guessing game. Instead, you can relax knowing you’ve selected something that will certainly last for years to come.

2. You can pick a piece that matches your style.

When you buy used, you’re often forced to compromise what you want based on what’s available to you. With new furniture, you can select patterns, colors, and styles that will mesh perfectly with your home, whether that be something classic or more modern.

Why Choose New Furniture

3. You have endless customization options.

Used furniture is what it is and, unless you want to refurbish a piece, there’s no real way to change how it looks. When you buy new, you can take the time to carefully select the design you like most. As the largest La-Z-Boy retailer in the area, Bowden & Carr helps our customers use La-Z-Boy’s free design services to create the perfect piece of furniture.

4. You don’t have to worry about the previous owners.

With used furniture, there’s no telling what kind of home it came from. Did they have pets or kids? Did they smoke? How clean is the furniture? There’s simply no way of knowing whether secondhand furniture is filled with debris and bacteria. New furniture, on the other hand, is clean, tidy, and yours alone!

5. You can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranties.

If used furniture is broken or breaks, there’s no contacting a manufacturer for help, and the store you bought it from probably won’t allow you to return it. Many furniture companies offer warranties on their products when purchased new from an authorized retailer like Bowden & Carr, so you can rest easy knowing that if an issue does arise, you’ve got someone you can contact for help.

Whether you need a new sofa, a beautiful rug, or a comfortable new lift chair, our showroom has plenty to offer. Stop by or check out our website to browse our selection of gorgeous new furniture.