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7 Reasons to Choose a Recliner

If you’re tired or just had a long day, sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than kicking back and relaxing while you enjoy a good book or watch some television. While there’s plenty of furniture that can help you achieve this, no piece is better than the classic recliner chair.

Recliners have been around for a long time. In fact, there’s some speculation that the design may be 200 years old or more! Given that people have been enjoying them for centuries, it’s no wonder that a ton of research has gone into the design and development of lift chairs. Nowadays, recliners aren’t just comfortable, they last for many years. And nobody makes a better recliner than La-Z-Boy.

So if you’re looking for a new chair or just need something comfier than what you have now, check out these top reasons to invest in a good recliner:

1. Reclining Chairs are good for you.

There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced back pain in your adult life, whether it be from an accident or a degenerative issue. Regardless of what’s causing your back pain, recliners can help! They’re ergonomically designed for improving your posture, taking pressure off your back, and improving circulation. Plus, they make it easy to get up and down, especially if you invest in one of the many lift chairs we sell at Bowden & Carr

2. Recliners are insanely comfortable.

Aside from the many health and posture benefits recliners offer, the fact remains that they’re just plain comfy! They’re sat in for long periods of time, and offer plenty of cushioning and support to make doing so comfortable. In fact, some of our customers love their La-Z-Boy recliners so much, they fall asleep in them!

3. Recliners suit the needs of anyone.

Why share when each member of the family can have their own recliner? Since La-Z-Boy recliners are more cost-efficient now than ever, the days of arguing over who gets to sit in the recliner chair are gone. Now the whole family can each have their own chair that they can easily adjust to match their personal comfort levels. Or you could invest in a reclining sofa or sectional that everyone will love!

4. Recliners don’t take up much space.

If you have a smaller living room, bedroom, or office and need functional seating that won’t take up a lot of room, a recliner may be just what you need. Most newer recliners are very compact, even when fully reclined, and make a perfect addition to a nook or corner that needs to be filled out with some comfy furniture.

5. They don’t just recline… they rock!

Many of the recliners available from our wide selection of La-Z-Boy products don’t just give you the benefits of laying back and stretching out, they also give you all the benefits of a classic rocking chair! The gentle rocking motion offers an additional layer of comfort and makes them the perfect addition to any nursery or baby’s room.

6. Recliners are packed with technology.

As recliner designs have progressed throughout the years, manufacturers like La-Z-Boy have been working to modernize designs by incorporating more technology. Many of the chairs we have available have power reclining functions with remote controls, instead of the traditional handles. Some recliners nowadays are even equipped with USB ports!

7. Recliners are highly customizable.

The number of recliner styles available is virtually endless. You can go for a classic upholstered look, a rustic leather model, or something more modern and neutral-looking. With our in-house La-Z-Boy ComfortStudio, you’ll have access to hundreds of color, fabric, and texture options. That means you can create a customized recliner chair that’s perfect for your aesthetic needs!

How to Choose the Right Recliner

Since La-Z-Boy offers so many options for recliner chairs, choosing the right one can seem a little daunting. Fortunately, with the help of our furniture consultants and these simple tips, you’ll be walking out of our store with a new recliner in no time:

  • Recliner with USB chargerTake measurements of the space your recliner will go in so that you can compare the measurements to the recliners we have available.
  • Test them out by coming into our Havelock, NC furniture store and sitting in them yourself!
  • Consider your personal style when choosing colors, fabrics, and textures, as well as the style of your home/room.
  • Write the features you need, whether that be headrests, power reclining, etc., just to make sure you forget nothing.
  • Don’t neglect the classics if you’re having a hard time choosing a customized chair. We have plenty of standard options available that you can choose from without having to do any customizing at all.


We’d love to help you get into a new La-Z-Boy reclining chair or reclining sofa so you can experience the utmost in style and comfort all at once! In fact, we have over 200 recliners in stock right now, so you can take one home with you today! Stop into our store or call us at 252-447-3648 to speak to one of our furniture consultants.