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How a Furniture Consultant Saves You Money

Buying new furniture is a part of life. Whether you’re buying a new home, furnishing your office, or are upgrading old, worn-out pieces, it’s important to choose something that’s the perfect fit for your needs. Often, this means shopping around and exploring your options before deciding on which piece to buy. After all, you’re hopefully going to have it in your home for years to come.

The internet is a great place to research what you need, and you can certainly start the furniture-buying process on your own, but many people find that working with a furniture consultant really helps the process go much more smoothly. In fact, there are a lot of advantages to working with a furniture consultant:

1. They can help educate you.

You may have bought furniture before, but your knowledge pales compared to that of a furniture consultant who’s been working in the industry for years. They are more than happy to teach you about what type of furniture works best in different spaces, which fabrics are best for which scenarios, and anything else they think will be helpful to you. And, not only will what you’ve learned help you this time around, but each time you shop for furniture in the future.

2. They’ll make sure you stick to your budget.

Furniture consultants help people all day every day. They know you’ve thought carefully about what you can spend, and they know how important it is for you to stick to that budget. A good consultant will keep this in mind as they show you each piece of furniture, keeping you from spending too much and sometimes even bringing you in under budget.

3. They’re experts in spatial planning.

You may have a good idea of how you want your space to look, but it’s often hard to envision it unless you have the furniture right there with you. Furniture consultants are well trained in how to measure and plan a room and will only show you pieces that will fit your unique space perfectly.

4. They might help you get a discount.

Yes, you may find a discount on an online furniture store, but you can also find discounts in person at physical furniture stores. In fact, when you work with a furniture consultant at Bowden & Carr, you’ll have access to special promotions and sales that you can’t get anywhere else.

5. They can envision things you can’t.

When a furniture consultant is trying to determine which pieces will work in a room or house, they aren’t just thinking about whether they will fit. They’re also considering things like whether the piece will match your existing decor and how it will look with your current flooring, lighting, and paint/wallpaper.

6. They are well-connected.

Sure, you can make a couple of clicks and purchase furniture online, but what will you do if the piece you want is out of stock? Furniture consultants have access to resources you don’t. If you see something you like but you can’t find it anywhere, there’s a good chance a furniture consultant can order it for you. In fact, Bowden & Carr can take it one step further. For example, not only can we help you order the La-Z-Boy chair you like, we can help you create a completely customized La-Z-Boy to meet your exact needs.

7. They save you time, and that saves you money.

We’ve all heard the expression “time is money.” We know that you’re busy. You may not have a lot of time to go furniture shopping, so when you do, you need it to be a process that’s quick and efficient. When you work with the professionals at Bowden & Carr, you have unprecedented access to a team of furniture experts that will help you find what you need in no time.

The team at Bowden & Carr has years of combined experience selling furniture in the Havelock, NC area and throughout Craven County. Whether you’re looking for that one special piece or need to find furniture for an entire room, we’ve got you covered. Stop into our showroom today to have a look around, or call us at 252-447-3648 to set up an appointment with one of our furniture experts.