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Sofas for Every Style

Bowden & Carr carries sofas for every style and space!

Are You Interested in a Sofa for your Living Room?

At Bowden & Carr Furniture, we can find the perfect sofa to fit your customized needs!  Sofas offer enough seating space to bring the whole family together.  At Bowden & Carr, our sofas are stylish and comfortable!  A stationary sofa allows for many different seating options.  A reclining sofa is perfect for unwinding after a long day.  If you are interested in the ultimate comfort, consider a power reclining sofa with an entertainment console.  Or perhaps theater seating options perfect for binge-watching your favorite series!  When family comes to town, take advantage of hidden sleepers.

The options available for our sofas are endless! Choose from different features, style, price, material, fabric, leather, power and upgrades!  There are so many choices, we can easily find the perfect sofa for your space and needs.

Speaking of finding the perfect sofa, there are over 20 different types of sofas, and they are generally categorized by their size, arm, and back shape.   Let’s go over a few of the most popular:

The Loveseat  Loveseats are much smaller than the traditional sofa, will usually only enough room to seat 2 people.

The Sectional / Modular Sofa  Sectionals are composed of multiple independent pieces that can be arranged in different positions, or even parts completely removed should they not be needed.

Sofa Bed  Sofa beds serve the dual purpose of providing a bed should you need additional sleep space for guests.  Usually, the sofa’s cushions hide a metal frame and mattress that can be unfolded or opened up to create a bed.

Bowden & Carr Furniture offers all of the above types of sofas, in addition to combinations of the above (for example, a sectional with a built-in sofa bed).  Among these, there are many different arm types to choose from (The Classic Round Arm Sofa, The Retro Square Arm Sofa, The Hard Wedge Arm Sofa, The Rounded Wedge Arm Sofa, The Sloped Arm Sofa, The Belgian Roll Arm Sofa, and Sofas with Wooden Arms).  As well as different backs to choose from (Straight Back / Tuxedo Sofas, High Back Sofas, Round Back Sofas, Camelback Sofas, Wingback Sofas, Barrelback Sofas, Rollback Sofas).

Don’t forget the sofa accessories! The Ottoman is one of the most popular, because of its dual functions: as a footstool or a coffee table.  An ottoman can be the perfect complement to your sofa.  Sectional sofas also offer the added possibility of a console, which can provide a great place for storage and for putting down your drink!

Whatever your style or available space, Bowden & Carr Furniture has the perfect sofa to meet your needs!

Ready for comfortable furniture at a comfortable price? Let's get comfortable!

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